Michelle Hudson Fine Art
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    "Tidal"                      "Bloom"                      "Kelp I"                "Kelp II"

            "Janet's Rose  "Sharon's Peony"      "Cabbage Flower"    "Le Jardin Bleu"

"Autumn Mosaic"                       "First Frost"         "Adirondacks in Autumn"
 "Catch a Wave"        "Baja" Triad          "Beat of My Heart"             "Blue"

"Evening Icebergs"                 "Golden Pears"                           "Impact"

          "Peony"                          "Remembrance"                      "Sunset Birch"

"Autumn Cathedral"                    "Aqueous"                  "Feminine Intuition"            
"Gladioli"                   "Fronds"           "Phosphorescent"              "Elemental"

         "Surfin'"                          "Take the Plunge"             "Saltwater Taffy"

"Interlude in Blue"                  "Iris"                                  "In Full Bloom"

Original painting commissioned for bride and groom.  Habotai Silk scarves were printed for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom for personalized wedding keepsakes.